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The Pennsylvania Society for Clinical Social Work (PSCSW) was established in 1971 to promote and advance specialization of clinical practice within the social work profession. It is an organization of clinical social workers who practice in a variety of settings including family agencies, mental health clinics, psychiatric hospitals, medical facilities, geriatric settings, schools, and private practice throughout Pennsylvania.

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Legislative SB 530 on Senate Voting Calendar - Calls are needed!

May 17, 2017

Dear PSCSW Members

As you will probably remember, last fall we came within a day or two of passing our practice legislation through the state Senate. This year, already armed by agreements with all the other relevant groups and individuals, we started early, and we now have a bill poised for action in the Senate.

Senate Bill 530, sponsored by Sen. Tom Killion (R – Delaware) is currently on the Senate voting calendar. All it needs is to be sent to the Appropriations Committee for a fiscal review and then a quick vote by the full Senate. However, there are a lot of other bills also on the voting calendar, and the Senate leadership needs to hear from clinical social workers that this bill is important to them.

As a result, I am asking you to once again reach out and contact your local state senator. The message is that your Senator needs to contact the Majority Leader of the Senate, Sen. Jake Corman (R – Centre) and urge him to quickly move SB 530 the rest of the way to Senate passage. The more quickly we get the bill passed the more quickly LCSWs and their clients will realize the benefits of the bill’s expended and updated scope of practice and increased protections against illegal practice by unqualified persons.

If you do not know the name or contact information for your local state senator, you can go to www.legis.state.pa.us. Just enter your address in the appropriate place under “Find My Legislator” on the left side, and everything you need will appear.

I urge you to do this as quickly as possible. The Senate will be returning to session next week, and it would be ideal to have tons of messages waiting for them when they get into their offices.

So, please take a few minutes to either send an email or make a phone call about SB 530. We need to get the Senate to act on the bill now, and you can help push us up over the top.

Thank you in advance, and if you have any questions, please contact me at ccathf@comcast.net

Carol Henning-Franczyk, LSW, ACSW
Legislative Chair. PSCSW