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The Pennsylvania Society for Clinical Social Work (PSCSW) was established in 1971 to promote and advance specialization of clinical practice within the social work profession. It is an organization of clinical social workers who practice in a variety of settings including family agencies, mental health clinics, psychiatric hospitals, medical facilities, geriatric settings, schools, and private practice throughout Pennsylvania.

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Licensure Legislation Needs Your Support!

House Bill 1415 has passed the House on a vote of 186 - 5.

  • This is the bill that will require that persons engaged in the private practice of clinical social work to be licensed at LCSWs and the bill will also make it officially and legally clear that LCSWs can diagnose a patient's condition before beginning treatment;
  • The bill has gone to the Senate and been referred to the Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee;
  • There is a chance that we can get the bill acted upon by the Senate and sent to Gov. Wolf for his signature before the legislature begins its summer recess early next month.

However, that will not happen unless you contact your local state senator immediately.

You can find your senator's name and contact information by entering your address at www.legis.state.pa.us

What you need to say:

  • House Bill 1415 has passed the House and is now in the Senate;
  • It is a good bill for consumers of professional mental health services because it makes clear that clinical social worker in private practice must be licensed as such, and that LCSWs can legally practice to the full
    extent of their education and training;
  • No organizations are opposed to the bill;
  • So please contact the Senate leadership and the Chairman of the Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee and urge them to move HB 1415 quickly through the Committee and to the Senate floor for final passage before the start of summer break.

Please relay any reply that you get back on to Carol Henning-Franczyk, Legislative Chair, at ccathf@comcast.net